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BB General News - For specific season Info click one of the following links: 
BB12|BB11|BB10|BB9|BB8|BB7|BB6|BB5|BB4|BB3|BB2|BB1|TVCH Live Feed Archive






06/21/06 - I continue updating the main BB7 page - so check in there!!

06/02/06 - As I have done recently - all Big Brother info can be found in my Big Brother 7 Area which will be updated daily once the show begins (and has a lot more updates than this page alredy!!)!!!

04/13/06  Big Brother 7 will be an "All Star" version - so I guess there is no longer a need to apply.  Not sure if I am happy about this...  More in my BB7 Area.

03/02/06 No big news yet - but here is a guess at the countdown to BB7

10/13/05 Big Brother 7 Info here  (including casting info) - And it WILL happen!!!

Of course my BB6 area is full of stuff from the season - check it out too!!

7/7/05   All BIG BROTHER SIX info - CLICK HERE

6//29/05  All Big Brother info will be found on my Big Brother 6 Page

4//2/05  Casting is underway, all BB6 info will be posted HERE.

3//4/05  CBS is now asking for applicants for BB6 again.  That was timing - lol.

3/3/05 Will there be a BB6?  I haven't seen a 'no' posted anywhere and the application is still online - although the CBS FAQ reports that they are currently not accepting any more applicaitons.

All updates after 7/04 until 3/05 were in the BB5 Area

7/19/04 BB5 is in full swing - all updates can be found starting on the main BB5 page.

7/2/04 Houseguests should be moving in - the best place from here on out this season to keep tabs on the show will be in the Big Brother 5 area.

6/30/04 HGs revealed for BB5 - see them here.

6//28/04 I will be mainly using this page for brief dailey updates - details during Big Brother 5 will be found in the Big Brother 5 area (make sense??).

6/11/04 Sooooo boring waiting on Big Brother to begin....  Brandon posted a great story on why he was kicked off BB4 - check it out on his page.

5/27/04 Looks to me like the "Brandon" that will be on The Ultimate Love Test has to be the very same "Brandon" that was kicked off Big Brother 4 before the show began.  Check it out for yourself.  Both "Brandons" are from Newport, CA and are 28 years old.
Brandon Showalter from Big Brother 4
"Brandon" from The Ultimate Love Test

5/26/04  So doesn't this look like Marcel to you??

Vid capture from WB's Superstar USA.
its an audience shot from a teaser for the finals.

5/25/04 No BB5 news - I have even corresponded with the production company and they have no news.  On another note - I was watching WB's Superstar USA tonight and I SWEAR Marcellas from BB3 is in the studio audience - I will get a screen cap asap and post it.

5/14/04 - Most additions will be occuring in the BB5 area.

4/2/04  Tentative start date for Big Brother 5 is July 6th (Tuesday) - the show will also air on Thursdays and Saturday.

More casting dates also announce - info on my BB5 page.

Alison from BB4 will compete with her boyfriend Donny in Amazing Race 5.

3/27/04 Open Casting for BBV - check the BBV area for details.
Big Brother 5 Survey
Big Brother 5 - Do you want the "Ex" factor again?

View current results

3/22/04 I have come across other sites stating the casting deadline will be April 9th.  Of course if you are a fan you know that many cast members are not cast until just a few weeks before the show begins - but you better live out in LA to have a shot at those chances.

Open Casting Call:  I am sure there will be many more but here is one in Boise ID on April 6th - Link with info.

Zap2it article on the casting for BB5: LINK

3/10/04 Looks like the deadline for applications may be April 15th.  Callbacks will most likely begin in May.  I did notice something new in the application this year - you must be 21 years old to be on the show.

3/8/04 The "Yes Dear " episode with the BB cast members airs tonight on CBS.  Picture of the cast below.

3/4/04 Just saw the 1st Big Brother Five TV ad tonight telling people to apply at cbs.com.  It was just a 10 second ad during Survivor.

2/17/04 Big Brother 5 page is up and running although it does not have much to it at the moment.  I have also been creating pages for the BB4 HGs with pictures from last year.  So far I have pages done for Alison, Amanda, Dana, David,Jun, and Justin.  Each page contains their brief info, links to any official page they might have and 15-20 screen caps from BB4.  I will be making more as I have time.

1/21/04 The TVCH Live Feed Archives for Big Brother IV are finally up and can be found here.

12/04/03 I have created a "Curtism" generator and will keep it on the BB1 PageCurtis was well known to say some very funny stuff during BB1 and several sites spent a lot of time posting his quotes. 

Here I have put together a quote list from BBIV - Hit re-fresh (re-load) to get a new quote.  Its random and there are over 40.

10/15/03 Here is a picture from Amy's site of the BB members who will be on the show "Yes Dear" next Monday.  Thanks to Amy's site for allowing me to post this!!

Click to enlarge

Show details from the CBS website:

Monday, October 20, 8PM ET/PT
"Big Brother-in-Law"
When Jimmy is chosen to be on the hit reality show BIG BROTHER, the family is completely supportive, especially Greg, who hopes that if Jimmy wins, he and Christine will finally move out of the guest house. But when they see the other houseguests forming an alliance against Jimmy on the live telecast, Greg panics winds up ruining Jimmy’s master plan to win the game.

10/10/03 Robert and Alison from BB4 attended the premire of Runnaway Jury.  Links to pics in the BB4 area.

10/07/03 BB cast members should be taping the episode of "Yes Dear" this week.  Alison and Robert should be attending the premire of "The Runaway Jury" on Thursday.

9/30/03 Updated all BB areas (although the BB2,3 updates are simply the link below).

BB Cast members from BB2,3, and 4 to appear in CBS Sitcom.  Article #1 - Article #2

9/24/03 CBS is taking applications for Big Brother 5 - LINK

Big Brother IV quick info 
(Full Details - Click Here):
  • Test patten on the feeds ended Thusday night.
  • Jun Wins BB4 6-1.  Nathan was the one vote for Alison.
  • Jun/Al watch yet another movie (Tuesday)
  • Jun/Ali watch 2 movies directed by "John" (Monday)
  • Jun/Ali watch "Narc" (Sunday)
  • Jun/Ali watch "The Amazing Race" (Saturday)
  • Jun/Ali interviewed by the jury (Saturday)
  • Jun/Ali watch the movie "Unfaithful"
  • Robert Evicted
  • Ali wins HoH over Jun
  • Live Show Tonight - expect Ali to win HoH and to evict Rob.
  • Jun wins Part II of HoH.
  • Robert Wins America Choice: Chat Transcript Here.
  • Robert wins luxury - movie screening.
  • Mime Visits - HGs sick of him after 5 minutes.
  • "Mini" food competitions - logic question. Won.
  • Alison wins Part I of HoH competition
  • Marathon HoH begins.  3 hgs holding onto keys on top of buildings.
  • Erika Evicted
  • Alison uses Veto - Erika Nominated
  • BB Changes the Foth Music - a nice change.
  • "Mini" food competitions - logic question. Lost (I think).
  • HGs watch Videos of themselves
  • Alison and Jun go on a ballon/blimp ride.
  • Robert won America's Choice
  • Alison/Jun win a baloon ride via a lux comp.
  • Alison wins POV - will now have the chance to veto herself and then vote Jun or Erika out.
  • Robert Noms Ali/Jun
  • Hgs win Food Competition
  • Rob Wins HoH
  • Jee Evicted 2-0
  • Ali does not use the Veto
  • Jun Nominates Alison & Jee
  • HG's mage VIdeo of former HG's
  • Jun Returns from VMA's
  • Alison wins POV
  • Alison guessed the VMA's (correct) - but no confirmation she won yet (Jee guessed something b4 her).
  • Third Clue is a space suit.
  • Second Clue in Veto Challenge - Video Tape
  • Food Challenge - Balls in Desert Room.
  • 1st Clue in Veto competition - An Apple
  • Veto competition begins.
  • Jun left right after HoH competition for MTV Music Awards (Thursday night).
  • Jun wins HoH
  • Jack is evicted 2-1
  • A second guest will be removed Wednesday - this from the show - who knows what they mean....maybe a short excursion outside the house?
  • Voting now will be on Wednesday.
  • CBS orders 2 new episodes of BB - Final pushed back to Sept. 24th.  NEWS ARTICLE
  • Jun tells Jee that Jack is going - he agrees not to tell Rob.
  • Everyone but Jack knows things are missing.  Girls know about more items than the guys.
  • More items turn up missing after lockdowns - Jee notices it first  (Monday).
  • After a lockdown - Amanda's picture is missing from the wall - they don't know why (Sunday).
  • Jee does not use the Veto
  • Hgs got lots of clothes in the shopping spree.
  • Part one of a Luxury Competition - Part two Saturday (Shopping Spree).
  • Jee wins the special food competition (like he needed it - sheesh).  Gets McDonalds for 1 meal each day (roughly).
  • Marcel makes a voice appearance for a special food competition.  Also appears on the FOTH briefly (I have audio and pictures in the BB4 area).
  • Desert Room closed, The Tortoise's Cuff and Link will be rmoved from the house.
  • Jee wins HoH
  • Justin Evicted 3-1
  • Jun does not use the POV.
  • Robert Wins America's Choice.
  • Jun Wins POV
  • Robert and Justin nominated. The last two HGs to be nominated.
  • Nominations Friday - Hgs have to eat PB&J Sat & Tues - regular food other days after "Clambake From Hell"
  • 1:20 am Thursday - Erika wins HoH after 6 hours 20 minutes in the cage.  Robert and Justin will most likely be nominated.
  • Marathon "cage match" HoH Challenge
  • Nathan failed and was evicted
  • BB announces the voting will be live, and Nathan may end up saving himself.
  • Robert did not use the POV
  • Hgs win Laundry Service as the luxury prize.
  • Robert wins POV (he won't use it).
  • Nathan and Jack nominated.
  • Hgs won food competition.  Get 3 days of Subway as well.
  • Thursday - Group food competition and nominations - Nathan and Jack should be nominated.
  • Justin new HoH - expect Nathan,Jack or Erika to go next Wednesday
  • Dana evicted 6-0
  • The vote should be 6-0 to evict Dana
  • Robert does not use the POV
  • No luxury competiton Saturday - Robert agrees not to use veto despite Dana's compaining.
  • Robert Wins POV
  • Alison nominates Dana and Jun
  • Alison wins HoH
  • David voted out 5-2
  • Hgs get a new HoH competition Game.
  • Voting - Should be David out Wednesday
  • Jack cuts the same deal.
  • Dana tries to cut a deal with Dave to save him and vote out Jack.
  • Nathan Vetos Alison, Dana puts up Dave - Dave and Jack now nominated.
  • Alison wins Lux Comp.  Treats Nathan to dinner.
  • Nathan wins POV (ceremony Sunday)
  • Dana nominates Alison and Jack at Justin's urging
  • HGs 'win' food competition
  • Dana wins HoH
  • Michelle evicted
  • Live show
  • Voting (Tuesday)
  • Dana informed of the evict Michelle vote - agrees to vote that way. (Tuesday - am)
  • Dave does not use POV (Sunday)
  • Secret push by Jack/Dave/Erika to evict Michelle
  • Dave wins POV - ceremony Sunday
  • POV competition today - duckball.
  • Jee Nominates Erika and Michelle
  • Half the house on PB & J for the week.
  • Jee is the new HoH
  • Amanda evicted 9-0
  • Dave and Amanda get VERY into each other in the HoH room Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.
  • Food competition Thursday
  • Live Show (Eviction & HoH) Wednesday
  • Voting today (7/14) - Hgs have a new game to try - no word on when they will play it in a competition.
  • The HGs have not had a food or lux. competition since last Tuesday.
  • Dana does not use POV.
  • Scott is out of the house.
  • Dana wins POV
  • Amanda and Jee nominated.
  • Nathan is HoH
Details and info on BB4 can be found in the BB4 area.

I have been asked to post the following link.  Its a petition to get CBS to allow Canadians to participate in Big Brother - http://www.petitiononline.com/BigBroCN/

Reality TV items on e-bay.  Click here to see a current listing including any Big Brother items I can find.

Big Brother Four:

Info on the current show can be found on the BB4 Area.

Big Brother Three

I have finished (kinda) a FOTH cam for BB3, for now CLICK HERE.  Other than that,  for now I have posted almost all of the pictures that were posted in the Live Feeds area of the TV Clubhouseduring BB3.  I also created a BB3 Slide show featuring Sheryl Crow singind "Soak Up the Sun" in the backyard of the BB house.  Check the BB3 area for that and more including a free FOTH Screensaver.

Big Brother Two

During BB2 I, along with many others, got very tired of the FOTH (Front of the house), or FD (Front Door) camera that we would get to see any time someone in the house started talking about things CBS might get sued over (personal names of people that had not signed a release, singing songs, etc.  So one day (ok, it took a week or more) I created a FD Cam simulator as a joke, and also so that folks that were not paying for the live feeds could see what we got to see.  It was a hit and I followed it up with my "Sleep Cam" which again was a joke since most mornings all we got to see was the HG (house Guests) sleeping.

Big Brother One

From BB1 I have 4 movies I captured and created one day when over at TV Clubhouse we got our wish and saw the second of two banners fly over the house.  We had decided we wanted a positive banner so it said something to the effect of "We Love You All - bigbrotherfanclub." I knew what time the banner was to fly so I had my realplayer up and running and used a program called "hypercam" to catch both the audio and video to an AVI file.  Its cool to hear George, Curtis, Jaimie & Cassandra react to seeing the banner.

My BB Experience

I first stumbled across this show via the net when during the 1st season they let fans watch the goings on in the house for FREE, yes FREE.  Wanting to find a place to discuss the goings on in the house I found a sight aptly called the Big Brother Fan Club and I began keeping tabs on everything that went on in the house.

I found it so interesting to watch the "streams" or video feeds and then tune in later that day to CBS to see how they edited the show.  Never again have I watched a reality show the same way.  I now realize that shows like Survivor are shaped and molded by the producers and items are taken out of context whenever necessary for the sake of the storyline.

Big Brother was not a ratings hit in the summer of 2000, but it was re-worked a little and came back for 2001 where it fared better.  2002 was the best year yet for BB USA and BB4 in 2003 should fare as well, unless the public is completely worn out over the current glut of "reality" shows.


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