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7/6/04 Big Brother 5 - Episode #1

Houseguests introduced and after a bith they meet in front of the house and prepare to enter in three groups.

Entry order and where they ended up....
First group: Lori, Adria, Michael, Jase - they snag the "wood" bedroom.
Second group: Marvin, Holly, Jennifer, Scott, and Drew - all but Marvin take the "cloud" room - marvin takes a cot.
Last group:  Diane, Karen, Will and Mike - they got the cement room.

Food competition - there is a giant DNA type molecule and the HGs must climb across it to collect certain food items based on the color of the balls.

Michael (cowboy): Did well - got quite a few items.
Jase: Did well as well.
Drew: Made it all the way.
Will: Didn't get much - tried to get the beer and apparently succeeded.
Jennifer: Made it and got a lot.
Karen: Made it.
Lori: Made it.
Holly: Ran out of time (75 second limit)
Scott had problems because of his size but did make it.
Diane: Made it with food.
Mike: Made it.
Marvin: Last up - picked balls off the ground while hanging- only got a couple.

Lori got a ball with Lobster Tails on it - and inside it was a key that opened a box with $10,000 in it.  if she took the 10k then they all must eat PB & J for the week.

Lori is told if she doesn't keep the money each HGs gets the option to keep it.  All the others tell her to keep it and she does.  Everyone on PB & J for the week.

In the diary room some express their unhappiness with the decision (Marvin and Jennifer).

In the kitchen others grumble - some comment that she needs to watch her back....Will reveals he encouraged her to take pressure off himself.

Will reveals to Lori that he is gay - he says he plans on just leaking it out eventually.

As the HGs head to bed Marvin breaks his cot.
In the morning it appears the first three up are Marvin, Jennifer and Mike.
Michael, Scott, Drew and Jase and Diana appear to have formed an alliance - although DIane is just in the mix as a late addition.

Jennifer - who goes by "nichomas (sp??) will be the first out if they have their choice.

Will wants to align himself with Karen and Lori.... Will calls the group of Drew, Jase and Scott the "alpha males."  Either Lori or Karen do not like Mike - she finds him "creepy."

After the commercial Julie reveals that Jennifer and Michael are half-brothers and sister - they share the same fother and neither knows it.  We then see a video segment where they both talk about their families...

Julie does not reveal when/if Jennifer and Michael will find out about their relationship.  She teases there is another "shocking" twist.

After the commercial Holly reveals her name is "King" - Jennifer reveals her name is "Deadman" and Michael picks up on it - he then presses her for info and figgures out her dad is indeed his dad.  But according to Jennifer her dad says she does not have any other brothers or sisters.  It appears that for now Michael (Cowboy) has decided to keep his new found info to himself.  So he knows but Jennifer doesn't.

After yet another commercial break - it is day two - the HoH competition takes place.  The HoH must nominate 2 people as always.

Julie has the HGs split up into teams of two - Will is the only one without a partner.  All the others get into team t-shirts.  They go out back and see a line of treadmills that, if you slip off - you will end up in a pond of somne type of goop.  One team member walks, the other asks questions - for each question missed the treadmill of that team speeds up.  Will is left on the sideline for now.

Jennifer a natural blonde?  Yes
Michael flunked a HS class?  No
Karen has never voted for president? Yes
Mike likes romantic comedies?  Yes
Jase funniest nickname is "Hollywood?"  Yes
Diane wants to take a kareoke machine into the BB house?  No
Marvin is a soap opera fan?  Yes
Drew is afraid of clowns?  No

Adria and Marvin are the first out

Scott is a Hillary Duff fan?  Yes
One of Adria's fav foods is sushi?  No

Mike and Jennifer eliminated

Holly would take a monkey goat and dog on a desert Island?  Yes

Diana and Holly eliminated

Lori is happiest when meditating?  No

3 teams left - Scott, Karen and Michael running

Michael falls off..... he and Drew eliminated.

So it is down to Karen/Lori and Scott/Jase - it is a contest of endurance - Karen is already walking faster than Scott.


After the commercial it appears they are about the same pace but actually Karen is running faster.  Scott finally catches up to Karen on speed - Karen seems to quit - she says she felt like she got some respect from Scott (whats respect worth except elimination?).  Karen lets go....

Scott and Jase join WIll in the next portion - he helps decide whom wins..... he opens an envelope to ask a question about himself to Jase or Scott - he asks Jase, "Would you assume my (will's) dream job is to own a high end eatery in South Africa"  - Jase says "no" - he is right - Jase is the first HoH.

Another twist is revealed - there are two twins in the house (Drew and Diane) - one of their brothers or sisters will apparently be changing places at different times during the show.

Next show is Thursday - a live eviction........

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