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7/8/04 Big Brother 5 - Episode #2

The episode begins with a re-cap of the previous show - showing various things.  The real show begins with Michael revealing to Jase and Scott that Jennifer is his sister.  Jase tells BB that he thinks its odd that Michael reveals it right after he (Jase) gets HoH.  The guys pull Marvin and Drew into the cloud room and again Michael tells them about Jennifer - it seems they finally believe him and Michael tries to re-assure them by telling them  that its still a game and his alliance is to the guys, his fiance and her child.

Michael then calls Jennifer in the room and reveals their relationship to her with a couple other's present (Marvin and Jase).  She thinks that he is pulling her leg at first.  Michael gives her a few details - Jennifer seems to take it all in - she doesn't seem happy or sad - she just says "thats a trip" - Michael is much more moved by it.

After a commercial we see the entire house being told about the relationship in the living room.  While it is being revealed we see some HGs still not believing it (Will and Scott),,,, Michael and Jennifer are called to the  Diary Room and return with letters. 

Jennifer's letter is from her father - in the letter he admits that Michael is her brother - we finally see some emotion from Jennifer and the letter also reveals that Michaels father was not aware of Michael.  Michaels letter is from his father and he explains that he was unaware of Michael until recently.  Michael breaks down along with Adria - Jennifer is leaning on him and hugging him a little.
Some of the other guys get together and Marvin and others express that they have a hard time believing it.

Michael feels like he revealed the relationship at the wrong time - then he talks about how things have changed - that his sister is an 'outcast' (in the house).

Next up is the first luxury competition - for some reason Jase decided to have the guys dress up in some of the womens clothing.  Will tells the camera that seeing Drew's butt in a thong is probably the hottest thing he has seen in weeks.

Mike is the only guy thats doesn't participate in the dress-up - Jase tells the camera that Mike not participating might hurt him in the house.

The luxury competition is to win the use of the hot tub.  They must make a huge margaritta by completing various tasks.  Jase assigns jobs for each HG - assigned to the "salting" is Lori, Karen and Holly.  Assigned to get the ice in the glass. Mike and Marvin.  Adding the tequllia - Mike and Scott.  Sugar and Mix - Will, Diana, Adria and Jennifer.  Lastly the lime must be added - by Michael - he will put on a "lime suit" and slide into the glass and find the key to unlock the hot tub in some of the ice.  They have 10 minutes to do this.  They would also win food for the night.

As expected they completed the task in time and so won the hot tub with seconds to spare (they always win the hot tub).

The next scene was the HGs finding a huge meal out in the back yard - Marvin called it the Magaritta Madness Mexican party.  Everyone remarked that Marvin ate more than the others - and this was not a good thing (ie - he was selfish).  Around the hot tub Marvin asks Holly is she was drinking that night and she said "not really" - we see Marvin getting all "touchy feely" with Holly ans some of the other girls (backrubbing, etc).

In the HoH room Scott, Jase and Michael talk about who is a threat and who to nominate - Marvin's name comes up because he has ticked off some of the girls (with his actions).  All three agree it would be great if they all got HoH one after the other and just eliminated everyone else.

Jase finds a note from Big Brother and he discovers he can watch the HGs and they don't know about it using a plasma TV hidden behind a picture in the HoH room.  Jase decides to reveal it to his partners - he shows Drew and Scott and then Michael - they can see other places in the house but can't hear what is being said.

Jase is then shown polling everyone to see who people want out - he asks Adria if she will vote out Marvin.....  then he asks Mike - Mike then is shown in the Diary Room talking about the fact that he hasn't "teamed up" with anyone - we then see a "flashback" of Mike and DIane talking (that talk only happened yesterday - I watched it).  Mike explains how he is trying to get a group going and we see him approach Drew (not knowing Drew is in with the other three guys).  Drew talks to Diane as well but does not promise and alliance.

Cut to Drew revealing the conversation he had with Mike to Jase and his other "alliance mates" (called the "four knights" by some).

After another commercial the nomination process begins.  Jase reads from a paper explaining how it works.  That the eviction will be next week (one week from tonight).  All the Hgs talk to the camera explaining their fear (or lack of fear) at being nominated.  Jase pulls the keys off the wall and places each in the box.  He then calls everyone in and they sit around the table just like every year.

In order here is how the "safe" people were revealed.

Holly, Will, Karen, Drew, Marvin, Scott, Michael (Cowboy), Lori, Adria, and Diane

Mike and Jennifer are nominated.

To the group Jase explains that he nominated Mike because he was trying to form alliances and was leaving Jase out of it - he also called Mike "the Don" and "the Godfather" - claiming he is a very good player.

Jase then says he nominated Jennifer because he just hadn't gotten to know her very well.

In the Diary Room Jennifer says she is not worried.  Mike says he is not up against Jennifer - he is up against Scott and Jase.

BB teases that there will be a twist to the Veto this year and to tune in next Tuesday.

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