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Who will go next week?  The early favorites....

7/21/04  Yeah I know - the next evictee isn't even out of the house yet so how can I guess who will be gone next week?

Its simple - the girls all want a guy out - and the "Four Horsemen" - well three of them anyways - want a guy out as well.  With the voting over for tommorow nights eviction (see who is going here) thoughts move on to tommorow's HoH competition and what happens if anyone gets it.

Holly, if anyone bothers to ask her, would probably say she wants Marvin out if she has to pick a guy -  her loyalties on who to decide to evict are with Jase for several reasons - the most recent being the fact that he saved her with the Veto.

Diane wants Jase out - and most of the other women want Jase or Scott out before any other male. 

Will is aligned with the women - so his choice of a person to evict is also most likely Jase or Scott - and both of them have been particularly insensitive towards Will's gay lifestyle.

Lastly come the "4 Horsemen" -Around 12:30pm today, while Jase was outside talking to Lori, Michael (Cowboy), Scott and Drew discussed the upcoming HoH contest and who they might nominate if they were to win it tommorow. 

Scott and Michael both feel that Marvin should be the next to go.  Scott says that he can't stand him anymore.  I assume that Drew aggrees - he didn't say much.  Michael was not sure if Jase would agree but Scott seemed to think he could convince him that was the move to make.

Scott, Michael and Drew (those are his feet) discuss getting Marvin out next around 12:30pm today.

So looks like Marvin, Jase and perhaps Scott are the early favorites to leave the house next Thursday.

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