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This is just a start, feel free to contact me if there are specific catagories you would like me to add :)  If you can't find what you want here be sure to check the SHOP where you will find 100+ Reality TV items.

I've split the search page up to speed up the loading - just choose what you are looking for and you will be taken to the correct page.

Amazing Race on DVD/VHS
Reality TV Shirts
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Real World
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Road Rules on DVD/VHS
The Bachelor on DVD/VHS
Survivor Charity Items
Big Brother Huge Search
Survivor on DVD/VHS
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 Survivor Memorabilia
Nashville Star on CD/Tape
Trading Spaces on DVD/VHS
Trading Spaces in Print (Books, etc)
The Osbournes items
Trading Spaces Clothes
Trading Spaces Stars

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No search is ever perfect so expect a few odd items.

Amazing Race items on E-bay

The Amazing Race VHS & DVD
Big Brother items on E-bay

Big Brother Search (a lot of Aussie & UK stuff shows up - some USA stuff sometimes)
Eco-Challenge items on E-bay

Eco-Challenge - Anything Related to Eco-Challenge
Survivor  items on E-bay

Survivor Charity Items
Survivor VHS & DVD
Rent Survivor DVDs 
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Survivor Print Items (Books, Articles, Pictures)
Can't Find what you are looking for?  Check the SHOP for Survivor related books.
Survivor Memorabilia (Buffs, Hats, Shirts, misc. items)
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