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I Love Reality - Forever Eden
Click For Official Site

Those looking for cast info or recaps - please see the links above.

7/11/04 - Check the news - the show is airing - just not in the USA

5/13/04 - Check the NEWS - looks like its coming back (5/21 - err - or not??).

4/20/04 - I will not be updating this page until Fox has put the show back on the air - I will continue to post any news about the show I find on my "News" page.

The show was created by the creators of Paradise Hotel so it has some similarities.

  • 4/13 Fox has pulled Forever Eden and may finish the show up this summer.  See NEWS for details.
  • 4/10 Check the various areas for specific info - I continue to update them.  News, Episode Recaps, and Cast Info
  • 3/29 - Fox has moved the show to Fridays beginning this week - see the news area for details.
  • 3/27 - A hint that maybe banished guests will return - see the news area.
  • Another good article today (3/15) check out the news area - lots of inside details on the way the show runs.
  • Looks like the show is being filmed in Jamaica - see the News Area for details and a link to an article.
  • The show will normally run on Thursdays although the premire will be (was) on March 1st and 2nd following American Idol. (update - this seems to have changed - might be on Monday's now)
  • The initial cast featured 6 women and 5 men, meaning a woman should be the first to go. (I was wrong there)
  • Players pick off one of their own each week. “Forever Eden” calls this a “banishment."
  • Contestants earn $4,000 in gold coins for each week they remain (for gold coins).
  • They get to keep it all only if they survive 10 weeks (and agree to stay longer).
  • If they're booted, they lose half the money which they give to people that remain.
  • If they leave on their own, they lose all of it.
  • The show is being advertised as lasting "forever,"  but Fox has only commited to 25 episodes which means it should run for at least six months
  • Once someone is kicked off, he or she is replaced the next day. 
  • The lag time between filming and air time is about a week.
  • The show currently (2/27/04) has eight people on standby. 
  • Producers visited 18 cities to find contestants.
  • No one who is married or has children is allowed to participate. 
  • The contestants are cut off from their previous lives and have no access to telephones, television, newspapers or the Internet.

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