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Average Joe III: Adam Returns - Link To Official Page

5/20/04 - Not doing much updating.....  But I did get this in part of an e-mail Adam sent out to members of his site today, "In two weeks Zach (from AJ1) and I will be guests in the Indy 500 parade! .....The only perk I've taken advantage of from my new found fame is getting normally sparse reservations at popular restaurants. If I continue to eat the way I have been, I can serve as a blimp in the upcoming parade." 
Adam's official Site.

4/22/04 "Adam Mesh may have found love the second time around on reality TV, but his romantic misadventures continue. He and "Adam Returns" winner Samantha Trenk were enjoying a break at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami's South Beach when they got locked out on their own balcony. A pal says Trenk had to yell to a passing child 11 floors below: "Hey kid, up here! I don't have a key!" The young Samaritan called security guards..."  From the New York Dailey News

On A&E Monday Nights -  Click for Details
4/21/04 A new article on Adam Mesh today - besides a recap of Adam's appearance on Average Joe, it also says he and Samantha Trenk are still dating. Full Story

4/20/04 An interview with one of the other ladies from Average Joe:Adam Returns, Jennifer Abrams, in which she says, "she spends time with many of the other contestants, sometimes going out to dinner and bowling. "  Full Story

4/14/04 Adam made a really long post on his official page Sunday night/Monday morning - I'll post the highlights - click here to read it all (and PLEASE read his entire post so you do not take things out of context):  Adam's Post: 4/12/04 1:44am: "I know that Rachel was not saying that she was looking to be married instantly and that I did say I was only looking to be in relationships that were going somewhere. I told Rachel that she was perfect but that we were not perfect together and I hope that makes sense. I did not feel what I should. Did you want me to pick her just to prove a point? Would it have been better to choose her and then break up two weeks later? There are many people out there looking for a family and children but that doesn't mean we should just pair them up randomly. 
As for Samantha, I could not be happier with my decision. She has shown me more since the show ended than she did in the time we were there. She shows so much class by not feeling the need to dignify ludicrous statements with a response. Ask the girls from the show, they are all friends with her. 
When you see a person talking to the camera it is a confessional but what you do not see is the producer standing next to the camera asking the questions. You are supposed to answer the question using part of the question. For example, if the producer asks, " Are there things you don't like about Adam?" A girl can't just say yes. She needs to anwer by saying, "There are things that I don't like about Adam" It comes across as much harsher. Samantha never said that Christine was trash as you heard on the show. In fact she said the opposite. When asked if she thought Christine was classy or trashy she answered by saying, " I mean it's not like I think Christine is trailer trash." All the audience heard was the second half of that statement, "I think Christine is trailer trash." The only thing Samantha is guilty of is using a double negative! I know the real Samantha and now my friends do. I don't feel the need for approval but I wanted to share these things with you because you have taken an interest in the show. 

One more thing. Many people have asked me about the Yolo bracelets and the Yolo website. Some have said that I was greedy and just looking to make money. I wanted to explain. I came up with the word Yolo years ago. 
One of my best-friends had the idea to make t-shirts and asked if I minded. Mind? I loved the idea. To see my word on shirts was unbelievable. From there, they expanded to hats and bracelets. It's not just a word, it's a lifestyle. I supported the idea and invested in it because of the positive message. Right now they are in one major store and online at yoloclothing.com. There is a great message at the opening of the website. I do not rely on the company for income, it is a hobby that I enjoy participating in. If you like the stuff, great, if not, great. Talk to you soon. Adam" Click to read the entire post.

4/8/04 - I am still watching for any real news on Adam and Samantha - he has made two posts to his official page since the show ended as of this writing - here are links to both:

Post #1 4/6/04: "Thanks you for your kind posts. I am very happy and it's important to remember that all is not always as it appears. If you watch the show again, you can see that when my mom asks, " is she really real?" she is wearing the outfit that she had on the day Rachel was over."  Click for full post.

Post #2 4/6/04: "I appreciate what everyone has to say, both bad and good. To be honest, I probably tend to read the negative stuff more than the positive stuff! Maybe that's just human nature. Any how, this site is a lot more exciting with a back and forth conversation. That being said, all I ask is that some thought goes into what is discussed. For example, let's take Samantha's dog.  Did it magically appear in Palm Springs?  Was Samantha's dream date to take her dog shopping or was it planned by the same people who plan almost every other date we go on? The dog shopping was a surprise to both of us and rather than complaining that one girl got horseback riding and another got the casino, she made the best of the situation and just went with it. Same with the golf. Every other date was an exotic adventure but Sam and I had to do chores at a gold course and it was the most fun I had. She made the best of the situation and that showed me a lot about her. As for my parents (who I love with all my heart), they like whoever I like."  Thats only half the post - click to read the whole thing....

4/5/04 - Adam picked Samantha over Rachel - All 4 Episodes recapped below.

News about the "Average Joe" franchise in general: Coming this fall perhaps "Plain Jane" - A hunk will pick between several "Plain Janes." Full Story

I'll go back and get info from Average Joe I & II in the near future - for now here is some info on Adam and the ladies from Average Joe III: Adam Returns.

Pictures and info on the cast of the show.

Jennifer Abrams
Rockville, MD
24 Year Old Software company Manager

Eliminated on 
Episode 3

Alum gains fame, loses game on 'Average Joe' 

Tracilee Benardello
Staten Island, NY
23 year old Executive Assistant/Bartender

Eliminated on 
Episode 3

Jennifer Bolkin
Northridge, CA
28 Year Old Office Manager

Eliminated on 
Episode 1

Courtney Butler from Buckeye, AZ
21 Year Old Special Events Assistant.

Eliminated on 
Episode 3

Rebecca Butler New York, NY
28 year Old 3rd Grade Teacher

Eliminated on 
Episode 1


Stephanie Cahn
New York, NY
23 Year Old Junior Account Executive

Eliminated on 
1st hour of Episode 4

Heather Canton
Las Vegas, NV
27 Year Old Salon Manager

Eliminated on 
Episode 3


Brittany Ducker
Louisville, KY
23 Year Old Substitute Teacher

Eliminated on 
Episode 2
Louisville Woman Talks About Experience On 'Average Joe'

Rochelle Finkelstein
New York City, NY
29 Year Old Accessories Designer

Eliminated on 
Episode 2


Rachel Goetz
New City, NY
24 Year Old 2nd Grade Teacher.

"Runner Up"
Reality hits home for teacher

Elizabeth Griggs
Chicago, IL
23 Year Old Project Assistant at a Law Firm.

Eliminated on 
Episode 2

Jennifer Lifshitz
Chicago, IL
23 Year Old Graduate Student

Eliminated on 
Episode 3
Local woman seeking heart of 'Joe' 

Is Jewishness a factor for
NBC’s Jewish ‘Average Joe’?

Anna Merrill
Canyon Lake, CA
25 Year old 8th Grade Teacher

Eliminated on 
Episode 2

Christine Morell
Huntington Beach, CA
24 Year Old Gourmet Cooking Instructor

Eliminated on 
1st hour of Episode 4


Sara Stone
Arlington, VA
25 year Old Broker's Assistant

Eliminated on 
Episode 1


Samantha Trenk
New York, NY
24 Year Old Salesperson at "Barneys"


Summer Wesson
Atlanta, GA
26 Year Old Extras Casting Director

Eliminated on 
Episode 2


Elizabeth Wood
Vancouver, BC
31 Year Old Attorney / Entrepreneur

Eliminated on 
Episode 1


Amy Worth
Long Beach, CA
22 Year Old Human Resources Director

Eliminated on 
1st hour of Episode 4

Adam Mesh
Adam's Home Page

Is Jewishness a factor for
NBC’s Jewish ‘Average Joe’?

Adam Mesh, Average Mensch 

My very brief Show Recaps (there were only four episodes):
Episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

3/15/04 Episode One: So we meet the 19 ladies and Adam must eliminate four.  For some reason Jason from AJ1 shows up in drag.  Jason does not mention Melana - just talks to Adam for a minute.  We also revisit a few of the guys from the original Average Joe who are supposed to have selected the women that get to meet Adam.  At the end of the night Adam eliminates Elizabeth Wood, Sara Stone, Rebecca Butler and Jennifer Bolkin.

3/22/04 Episode Two: Once again, this is only a 4 episode show so Adam doesn't have a lot of time to be messin around.  Thus when some more former cast members of the original Average Joe show up with 5 bikini-clad women Adam quickly puts them back on the bus saying he has already found 4 or 5 women he is interested in and it would be unfair to introduce more.   Was it staged?  We'll never know - one of the beefier guys from AGI did comment that it was sort of a "charachter test" for Adam and he passed.  I skipped over the first part of the show but it was just girls competing for dates with Adam - Rachel and Amy won these and both ended up kissing Adam in the hot tub (something that appears may come back to haunt him next week).  There was a little cattiness among the women but no major blow ups.  Brittany revealed that she has a six year old son which took Adam by surprise.  In the end Adam had to eliminate 5 more ladies and they were : Summer Wesson, Brittany Ducker, Rochelle Finkelstein, Elizabeth Griggs, and Anna Merrill.  Brittany seemed to imply that Adam was perhaps not doing right by eliminating her after her revelation, but hey even Adam said its just something he wasn't ready for and even if she was not looking for a father for her child (which she said she wasn't) it would still be adding one more element to the relationship and that is not something Adam was looking for at the moment.  He really has ben coming across as a decent guy - hope it doesn't all go to his head.

3/29/04 Episode Three: The show began with the ladies competing for a date with Adam by assembling portable basketball goals.  Christine won. Tracilee complained to the camera about how no one was helping her. 
Then they proceeded inside and sat in front of laptops where they played a simulated stock trading game.  Adam helped each girl but in the end it seems he helped Samantha and she went from being down $17,000 to being up $21,000 and winning.  So Samanthat won a date with Adam as well.  Tracilee won an ice-cream date with Adam because of her heart in the bull fighting (last week) and her perseverence with the goal post.
While the other women sat around their place and complained about Tracilee, Adam and Tracilee had their mini-date.  They kissed and the coyotees howled again.  When she returned to the house the other ladies were at, she didn't divulged any info about the date.
After a commercial break we watched Adam and Christine's date which began with go-carts and ended with a romantic boat ride.  As on all his other dates Adam kissed the girl and sparks flew.  Christine related that Adam's kisses gave her butterflies.  Back at the house Tracilee got catty with the other girls.  Tracilee explains that she did not come on the show to make friends - she came on to meet Adam.
The next morning Adam meets Samantha at a golf course.  Surprise surprise - Zach from the original Average Joe has arrived to "sabatage" Adam's date. While Adam and Samantha golf we see Zach sneaking around and apparently causing problems: adding weight to Adam's golf bag, loosening straps, and the final act, sending their golf cart into the lake (while Adam was trying to putt).  Frankly I don't even know if Zach was really there at the same time - it seemed like it was all pre-arranged.
Adam and Samantha head off to a sauna and dinner - meanwhile back at the girls house they settle down to watch the final episode of Average Joe 2: Hawaii.  The doorbell rings and its Brian Worth from the show.  He watches the finale with the girls and all seem to shed a few tears as Larissa chooses Gil and rejects Brian.  Meanwhile Adam and Samantha have finished dinner and are dancing and kissing.  Kissing.... kissing (a lot).
As Average Joe 2 ends they see the promo for their own show and see all the girls Adam has kissed.  Some of the girls are pretty upset because they haven't even been on a date with him yet.  The next night at the pre-elimination mixer Adam finds out that the girls had seen the promo and the kissing. Adam was really nervous but it turns out the girls for th emost part let him off the hook. 
Cut to the eliminations.  Adam is sending home five ladies - the remaiing ladies will move into the mansion with Adam.  First lady gone is Heather Canton - Adam tells her she is so pretty and he knows she won't have a problem finding anyone.  Second lady leaving.... Jennifer Lifshitz  - they exchange nice words and she leaves - she says she does not regret her experience.  Third to go.....  Jennifer Abrams  - Fourth to go - Courtney Butler - she says "I just wish..." - I think it is about the fact that they never had a date. Fifth to go is Tracilee Benardello.  Adam says that he feels it is now a free-for-all.  Then we see a teaser for "Scenes from the next 'Average Joe 2: Hawaii"  (WHAT?  I think someone goofed - lol).
During the teaser for the finale - we see that Adam must eliminate three women and bring the other two to meet his folks.  When he brings them to meet them it turns out that his family prefer one women and Adam the other.  They seem to feel that one girl would be better suited to him over the long run vs a short time.

4/04/04 Episode Four: The show began with Adam and company going on a tour of the Universal Studios backlot.  Things were fun but Adam said he could tell that things had changed since it was down to the final five.  The ended up at a Saloon set where everyone dressed the part and worked with a stuntman on a scene they were going to film.  After seeing them practice a bit we see a man in black, face hidden walking down the street to the bar – he opens the saloon doors and its Dave Daskal (the goofy guy with the glasses and wild hair) from AG 2: Hawaii.  So the scene plays out and the women beat up on Dave until he and Adam end up ‘fighting.’  Then Dave gets serious and tells Adam he will go on 5 individual dates and then have to eliminate 3 more women.  Adam then tosses Dave out a window.

The first private date Adma had was with Samantha.  She brought along her Maltese dog named Chloe.  Forgive me, that would be a bad sign right away to me.  Fine she has a dog.  Meet the dog before the date but DON’T be bringing the dog on the entire date.  Not to mention the fact that Samantha appeared to treat the dog like a person – including talking to it in baby-talk and dressing it (ughhhhhh).  So guess hwo the date starts?  They go shopping for dog clothes (I kid you not).  Adam later discovers that Chloe apparently has a gas problem, meaning she passes a lot of it.  It seemed that Adam was none to pleased about the dog situation.  Samantha and Dave ended up at a hotel – minus Chloe and in Dave favorite make-out spot – a hot tub (minus the wolves howling).   Date over.

Next up was Adam and Stephanie, who I learned Monday morning is actually good friends with Samantha (before they were on the show).  The two of them went Land Sailing/Surfing – it lookes really cool and since I love sailing myself I would really like to try it some time (but this isn’t about me – sorry).  This was actually Stephanie’s first private date with Adam, which makes you wonder if he was keeping her around because of her friendship with Samantha (“Oh Adam plueeeassssse keep Stephanie around!!!) or some other reason.  As it turns out you can tell Stephanie isn’t gonna last since Adam makes a point of saying he doesn’t feel comfortable with Stephanie romantically because of his feelings for Samantha.

Christine was date number three.  Last week we saw her and Adam race go-carts on their private date.  This time they went to a Casino and it was her birthday.  As they pulled up to the Casino the sign out front said “Happy Birthday Christine” and was signed Adam, my guess is it should have been signed “the producers” but I won’t split hairs over that. In the Casino Adam did a little stand-up act which shows why he is on Average Joe and not Last Comic Standing or American Idol.  The date finished with Adam and Christine in a booth smooching – again no wolves were heard. 

Either because of time issues (as in lets get 5 dates filmed in 4 days) or because Adam is a night owl, his date with Rachel began at 3 or 4 in the morning as the two sat by a fire and waited for the sun to come up.  Rachel – much like other love-struck folks on this series, read Adam a poem about both of them which Adam said was sweet (don’t you start to get bad feelings when one of the candidates, male of female writes poetry or sings a song?).  Rachel followed the poem by cooking breakfast for Adam and then they went off and attempted horseback riding.  As I recall Adam sucked at that during AG One (the polo match I think) and again he was not at his best on a horse.  So on to Archery Lessons (doesn’t it seem like this date is longer than Stephanie and Christine’s?  Hmmmmmm).  They popped balloons with Arrows and used it as an excuse to kiss several times.   The two had a picnic lunch and Adam gave Rachel a present of a bracelet with “YOLO” (you only live once) inscribed on it.  Some more kissing and the date was over.

Last on the Date Parade was Amy – she and Adam had their date at a house that had it own waterfall.  What started out as a tense date loosened up a lot when Adam began a cake fight (well.. Amy suggested it in a way) and the two had a good time.  They kissed and the camera did all kinds of romantic fade in and outs that seemed way too choreographed if you think about it and to be honest that’s about all there was to the date.

Now you tell me who you think he will eliminate?? lol

So the next night there they all stand and there is very little drama – Adam explains why he can’t see a future with Stephanie, Christine, and Amy (in that order) and does it in a nice way that, for the most part seems  free of any hard feelings.   Stephanie felt Adam didn’t get to know her well (gee Steph, maybe you were just being kept around ‘cause Samantha asked Adam to), Christine felt maybe she intimidated Adam.  Amy was tearful and I don’t think she felt there were as many akward pauses in their last date as Adam felt there were.

In the second hour he first took Samantha and then Rachel to meet his parents. His mom did not like Samantha, she felt that Samantha might have motives related to money and fame more than wanting to be with Adam.  Adam's father seemed to agree with his wife about Samantha.  Samantha even tells the camera that she had not told Adam about commercials she had been on (I think that was it) because she did not want him to think her motive was anything but a relationship. 

On the other end of the spectrum everyone loved Rachel - to the point it made Adam uncomfortable.  I mean Adams mom was crying (Adam blamed it on hormoes) and saying how she could see Rachel as a part of the family.  It was almost one of those things were you could tell Adam didn't want them to like Rachel so much and was dissapointed at how much less they had liked Samantha.

Adam says he was dissapointed that he and his parents were not "on the same page" - according to Adam he was more interested in Samantha than Rachel - and now he was questioning himself.  If he wanted a wife and a family right now then Rachel would be the choice, if he wanted someone to date and have a good time with then it would be Samantha he would choose.

Jump ahead...  and I am not gonna stretch this out - it wasn't a huge surprise to me and shouldn't be to you......Adam meets Samantha Trenk at the plane/bus first - and chooses her.  He then rejects Rachel Goetz.

Rachel's comments to the camera on the bus after being rejected were that she thinks Adam made the wrong choice, that she was there for the right reasons and Samantha wasn't.

Sooo - here I sit thinking to myself .....  if I had to characterize Samantha and Rachel and put one in the "Average" catagory and one in the "Hunk" catagory to compare it to Average Joe One & Two then I would put Samantha as the 'hunk' (self centered, extroverted, selfish, thinking of 'fame', living for the moment.) and Rachel as the "average' (all those things the 'hunk' isn't).  Looking at it that way it seems to me that Adam selected exactly what Larissa and Melana did - the person that was not looking for a real commitment.  Ahh well - just goes to show ya the nice guy (gal) almost always finishes last.



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