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Reality Show Hosts Page

>>Shows Area Updated 2/28/005<<

Show names are linked to the show's official website.  Casting info (if any) can be found on the Casting Page.


$25 Million Dollar Hoax (NBC): Only ran for 3 episodes - another one of those dupe your friends and family reality shows along the lines of "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance."  Wasn't terrible, wasn't great - the family went along for the ride and they all shared something like $250,000 in the end.

5th Wheel (Syndicated): Take 2 guys and two gals and put 'em in an RV, mix em up for a bit and then toss in a "5th Wheel" and see if there are any fireworks.  Sometimes the 5th wheel is a guy, sometimes a gal, but mostly this show is the worst of the 'dating' syndicated shows.


All American Man (TBS): "ALL AMERICAN MAN is a good-natured reality/competition show that puts real men to the test. Separated from their wives or girlfriends, a diverse group of men will live together for approximately three weeks. During that period, they will face a variety of fun and outrageous challenges that will test their emotional and physical stamina. Through a series of eliminations, one man will emerge as the CHAMPION, winning HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!"  This show was not a show at all - it was a pretend show to get men for the real show "He's a Lady." (no - I didn't know - I posted the casting link when it was mailed to me)

Adventure of a Lifetime (TBS): "Are you a single woman looking for the romantic adventure of a lifetime? TBS and Nash Entertainment are searching for beautiful, adventurous, single women to be sexy leading ladies."  (Casting - 2/5/04)

Airline (A&E): A "reality" show that follows employees and customers of Southwest Airlines.  I am sure Southwest had a lot to do with this show but to be honest it doesn't always paint a pretty picture of the company which is refreshing :)

All American Girl (ABC - ABC Family): I am watching the premire as I type this….looks to me like it an "Americal Idol" clone with all women (Turned out it was worse).  I am guessing it will be better than "Are You Hot" but still a sub-par 'reality' show.  The show did so wonderfully that it seems it can only be caught on ABC Family now.

Amazing Race (CBS): I love this show, take several teams of two and have them race around the world completing challenges and tasks.  One team is eliminated per week (ok, not EVERY week, but close) and in the end the last team gets a cool million.  Only show close to this was "Lost" and it long gone.  Casting for Season 5 ended on 10/8/03.  Season 5 premire date announced as 7/6/04 - Season 6 has been cast as well and will run in fall 2004  (updated 5/22/04).

American Candidate (Showtime): "Over the course of the series, a minimum of twelve candidates will face-off against each other in a series of challenges designed to test their presidential mettle and to show viewers what really goes on in the making of a presidential candidate. Week-by-week, the original pool of candidates will be winnowed down. The final episode will be a showdown between the remaining two candidates, and one person will emerge victorious -- the "American Candidate." The winner gets $200,000 and a nationwide media appearance after the show so the "American Candidate" can make his or her address to the nation. "  From the official site. Begins August 2004 - 10 episodes.  The selection process is underway and you can see all the applicants on the official page.

American Casino (DSC): Gambling/casino shows seem to have become all the rage of late (June - 2004) - so check out my "Gambling Page" for details on gambling related reality shows.

American Chopper (DSC): Paul Teutul Jr. designs and builds custom motorcycles around different themes.  His father chimes in often and sparks fly, but in the end there is always a cool bike that knocks your socks off.

The American Dream Derby (GSN): "The first reality series set in the world of professional thoroughbred racing, combining a behind-the-scenes look into buying, training and racing horses with a live broadcast of the first-ever AMERICAN DREAM DERBY horse racing event"  Casting Link

American Hot Rod (DSC): Watch hot rod builder Boyd Coddington and his employees build slick cars every week.  Sparks fly on the show, reminds me of American Chopper which of course makes sense since its made by the same people.
American Idol (FOX): Based on the UK show with the same premise this show was the big hit that had FOX to the top of the ratings the first time around, and the second for that matter.  Season 3 is underway - Fox actually wanted it sooner but Simon said they needed to give it a rest if it were to stay fresh. Season 4 scheduled for January 2005 (Shop for American Idol Items)

American Juniors (Fox):  A kids version of American Idols.  Don't expect them to poke fun of bad kid auditions, expect them to rake "Stage moms" over the coals.  This show is not expected to be back.

American Princess (NBC):  Not a lot of info although it sounded like a make-over show for young girls.  It looks like it never made it to air.

America's Next Top Model (UPN):  Hidden away over on UPN here is a reality show based on female models. Eliminations each week.  I enjoyed the episode I saw.  News 5/21/04 - This fall UPN said two separate 13-episode cycles of "Model" will be bridged by midseason replacement series "The Missy Elliott Project."

America's Ugliest (TLC): "Still have that avocado and lemon kitchen?  Or, tired of your 70's brown bathroom?  In AMERICA'S UGLIEST, a series of four quarterly specials premiering in October (2004), host (Doug) Wilson and two other experts judge a series of rooms to be "America's Ugliest."  Once the decision is final, the sky's the limit as Wilson remakes the room in question into a spectacular fantasy borne out of their wildest dreams!"  (from press release).  Casting (5/13/04) (no official page yet)

Amish in the City (UPN): Follows a house of people - some Amish - some not.

Anna Nicole (E!): Sorry, I don't get "E!" but from what I have seen of this show it sounds like a train wreck every week.  Follow Anna around and shake your head as she lives in here own little world.  The Osbornes without the Osbornes.

Anything For Love (Fox): Test your love or plan a surprise for them, this show is about couples where one is in on something and his/her partner isn't.  This includes testing a relationship.  (Web Site is Gone)

The Apprentice (NBC): Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Donald Trump have teamed up for this new reality series.  The show involves 16 tycoon-trainees vying for a one-year job with The Trump Organization. They are divided into two teams and given tasks to complete in a short period of time. Each week, a candidate who fails to complete the assignment is "fired," and the final winner will receive a salary of $250,000.  (Casting through 3/4/2004 for Season II)

Are You Hot? (ABC): Are you kidding?  This show is American Idol without the singing, or the clothes.  The two male judges compete to see who can be most Simon-like.  I didn't feel bad at all when I realized I missed this show several times.

Average Jane (NBC):  Now Casting - similar premise to Average Joe (below).

Average Joe III - Adam Returns (NBC): "Adam Returns" is only a 4 show series - hopefully this "Average Joe" will find love this time.  Notes from the previous shows....."Average Joe" centers on the inevitable single, hot female. The first was a beauty queen and former NFL cheerleader. She moved into a multi-million dollar mansion in Palm Springs with the assumption that she was going to be wooed by 16 correspondingly hot male studs. The twist came when she (Melana season 1, Larissa season II) discovered that the house was full of 'normal' guys. Sure, they may not be pretty and, frankly, they may be geeks, but they have good hearts and nice personalities.  A twist for both versions was the introduction of hot studs - in season one the gal chose a stud, as did the gal in season two. (Average Joe I Site, Average Joe II Site)

Bachelor(ABC): A guys dream come true, pick and choose a potential wife from a group of beautiful women.  The guys are 0-4 so far with every  "engagement" falling apart shortly after (if not before) the shows aired.    (See Casting).

Bachelorette(ABC): Can the women do better at picking a mate?  Seem that so far Trista, rejected bachelorette from Bachelor one may have found the man of her dreams in Ryan (Still married anyways!!).  Time will tell.  My biggest complaint is that every week featured, "The most shocking Rose Ceremony yet!!"  Season 2 featured Meredith who was rejected by Bob (who was rejected by Trista... who was rejected by whats his name from the original Bachelor - wow - 4 degrees of seperation!!).

Bachelor Pad (ABC - Family): "Bachelor Pad" features two to three makeovers with participants selected from submissions entered by family, friends and ex-girlfriends. The special are shot on locations in each bachelor's apartment or house, home improvement centers and department stores.  Currently Casting

Beg, Borrow and Deal (ESPN): Two teams literally beg, borrow and deal their way across the country to win big time sports prizes.

The Benefactor (ABC): "What would you do for a million dollars? Billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is about to find out because he is "The Benefactor," and he's set to give away a million bucks to a complete stranger." Link to news article

Big Brother (CBS): I'm biased, this is the BEST reality show.  Why?  Because its live, you get to see whats going on 24x7 via the net (if you subscribe).  Survivor?  Sure they have it rough, but they are only stuck on their island or whatever for thirty-some days, IF they make it to the end.  If you make it to the end of Big Brother you will have been in the house (along with 50+ cameras recording your every move) for 80+ days.  And if you go to a site such as the Big Brother Fan Club (shameless plug) or my own BB Area you can catch up on the stuff you missed by reading the live feed transcripts.  Then you get to watch the show 3 nights a week and see how CBS shapes the storyline.  Warning, if you watch the 'live feeds' or track the goings on via the web, there will not be many surprises on the actual show, usually we Big Brother Fanatics knew the outcome of every elimination vote. 

The Biggest Loser (NBC): This was a pretty good show - more are in the works.  It was pretty amazing to watch all the contestants work their butts off (literally) while also playing a game that netted the winner a cool $250k.

Big Man on Campus (WB):  never saw it - and I am probably happy about that.  Some dating show based on a college campus....

THE BILLIONAIRE: Branson’s Quest for the Best (Fox): "Sir Richard Branson, global adventurer, world record setter and Founder/Chairman of the Virgin Group of companies, is searching for an extraordinary individual who has the right stuff to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. Branson will be sending a group of young would-be billionaires on a whirlwind tour of the world to test their mettle. Along the way, they will relive some of Branson's own colorful adventures - and be tested on the same sort of life experiences and personal dilemmas that Branson faced on his path to becoming one of the world's most successful businessmen." (from a casting notice)

Blind Date (Syndicated): Simple premise…. Toss 2 people together and watch them go on a date.  Add animation to funny it up cause sometimes these dates suck!!  A show that might be worth watching just to catch the reality show wannabees.  Josh from Big Brother 3 was apparently on the show twice, a woman from Meet My Folks was also on this show.  I am sure there have been more. 

Blow Out (Bravo): "Blow Out will follow Jonathan Antin as he embarks on his lifelong dream of unveiling the Jonathan Salon: Beverly Hills. Viewers will be captivated by the thrills and disappointments that this ambitious stylist will endure to make his vision a reality."  Summer 2004 - Six Episodes

Boarding House : North Shore (WB):  Only a six show series.  Followed pro surfers living in a house together.  Mark Burnett (Survivor) was the producer.

Born To Diva (VH1):  Its kinda a cross between American Idol and Real World, also similar to Nashville Star.  Several women audition and compete to be a "Diva"  - they mailed me and asked me to post info and a link.  Click here for the letter.

Boy Meets Boy (Bravo): A gay man weeds through a group of 15 men to find a soul mate - some of the potential suitors are actually straight actors paid to play the part of a gay man.  I missed the entire run since it was on when a million other reality shows were on.


Reality Show Hosts Page


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