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Joe Schmo Season One on DVD
I have this - if you never saw Joe Schmo One its worth the money - if you have seen it - its still worth the money.  The packaging is excellent and the show is just plain excellent.
Joe Schmo II
Link To Official Page

 Episode Recaps|Cast Bios|Tim ("Joe")|Ingrid("Jane")|Amanda ("Jane" #2)|Joe Schmo Home

7/19/04  Ok - I still have not done a recap for Episode 5 - but I do have Episode 6 recapped (here) - Eleanor was eliminated - Everett the frog is the 'someone' that died.

7/12/04 Ingrid was eliminated tonight - full recap tommorow.

7/07/04 Chat with Ingrid tonight!!  Details Here.

7/06/04 Ingrid crosses over....  Amanda introduced - Bryce eliminated - recap here

6/30/04  Live chat with the producers tonight!! Link with details.

I initially predicted Ingrid would go next week.  I am now having second thoughts..... based on this past show I now think Cammy may go.  Why?  Well she has messed up a few times - almost saying her real name in the early part of this last show, and pausing for the cameraman to fix his camera when she was supposed to be making a confession to Ingrid.  It might be that the producers feel she is too much of a liability so they might remove her earlier than planned (or maybe she was scheduled to go at this point).  Either way I feel much less sure that Ingrid might be tossed next Monday.

6/29/04 Episode 3 Recap.  No one evicted!!!

6/28/04 New Episode airs tonight (Monday)!!!  11:05pm Eastern!!!!  PASS THE WORD!!!!!

6/24/04  Chat transcripts for both 'Rita' and 'Ernie' have been posted - you can read 'Rita's' here - and 'Ernie's' here. I even managed to get a couple of my questions answered last night with "Ernie."

6/23/04 Tonight, Wednesday, June 23 Spike TV will host a live online chat at  for Joe Schmo 2 with Ernie "The Heir" portayed by actor/comedian Steve Mallory at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 PM PT. For one-hour, Ernie/Steve will take in and answer your questions about Joe Schmo 2 - discussing the series so far, what's to come and even some inside
info on the series. 

6/22/04 Ernie gets the boot on Episode #2 - Full Recap

6/16/04 Episode #1 is official - Rita the "Drunk" was tossed off the show after not getting a "Pearl Necklace from Austin.  Full Recap Here.

Live Chat Tonight on - Full Details Here.
Teaser Video!!! I got this 5 minute clip from the show and have converted it to Windows Media format.  The Big version is 5 megabytes, the small one just under 2 megabytes - they are both the same as far as content.  Please don't "direct link" to them or I will need to remove them, just direct people to this page.

Joe Schmo Teaser - 5 megabyte
Joe Schmo Teaser - 2 Megabyte

My Take:
I LOVED Joe Schmo One - on that show everyone except one person (Matt Gould) was in on the joke - it was all fake - the "banishments" were all rigged and it was hilarious to watch the actors goof on other reality shows (Survivor and Big Brother seemed to be the main ones) and character stereotypes.  You could tell it would be a fun ride when the very first "banished" contestant was told "you're dead to us" by host Ralph Garman as he smashed a plate with her picture in a fireplace.  She then proceeded to act like she could not find her way off the set the whole time yelling and asking how to leave.  UNLIKE Fox's My Big Fat Obnoxius Fiance, a show whch came after the original Joe Schmo, the folks on this show seemed to actually care about the one person not in the know.  In the end he was given a cool 100k.

That all being said, here comes Joe Schmo II -

and it looks like the creators have pulled it off again.  This go-round there is a Joe (Tim Walsh) and Jane Schmo (Ingrid Wiese) - both clueless that the show they think they are involved with is fake reality show called "Last Chance For Love."  As I have read elsewhere it looks like this time the show creators are going after the "Bachelor" style of reality shows.  I am hoping in the end both will get a ton of cash but only time will tell.

Here are some publicity pictures and A LOT more info from a press release.

The contestants (L-R): Ambrosia ("The Bitch"), Eleanor ("The Weeper"), Rita ("The Drunk"), Cammy ("The Moron"), Ingrid ("Jane Schmo"), Tim ("Joe Schmo"), T.J. ("The Playah"), Gerald (“The Gotta-be-Gay Guy”), Bryce ("The Stalker"), Ernie ("The Heir")

And the Bios of the Actors can be found HERE.

"Last Chance for Love," the faux reality series within Spike TV's Joe Schmo 2, features over the top evicition cermonies with "Pearl Necklace" ceremonies for the women and "Flame of Love" ceremonies for the men.

(Photo: Janet Van Ham)

Our unknowing Jane Schmo - Ingrid Wiese - receives a gift from "Mr. Right" Austin, portrayed by Tim Herzog, early in the competition.  "Ms. Right" Piper, portrayed by Valerie Azlynn and "The Pompus British Host" Derek Newcastle, portrayed by Ralph Garman are in the background.

(Photo: Janet Van Ham)

The Schmo Must Go On......




New Season Features Daring Twist of a Joe and Jane Schmo 

" Joe Schmo 2" Premieres on Spike TV Tuesday, June 15 10:00 PM, ET/PT

DVD Release "The Joe Schmo Show: Season One Uncensored" Hits Retail Stores
June 22

New York, NY, May 17, 2004 --- Spike TV's hit series returns in hilarious
form with "Joe Schmo 2," premiering Tuesday, June 15 (10:00-11:00 PM,
ET/PT). Season one introduced American audiences to the next wave of reality
programming, the "faux-reality" series where only one contestant was real.
"Joe Schmo 2" not only features a "Joe Schmo," but in a daring twist, a
"Jane Schmo" as well. Aside from "Joe" and "Jane," everyone else on the
show, from the host to the other 'players,' are actors following a
pre-determined storyline.

How will our two reality 'contestants' react to encountering a show filled
with every outlandish element of reality TV? With so many reality shows out
there, there is a wealth of stereotypes to choose from. How far can
producers push this 'reality' a second time, and now with more than one
"Schmo?" It's twice the fun, but twice the trouble. Will the actors be
convincing enough? We saw from the first season that under pressure the
actors sometimes fail to remember their fictitious life histories. Will our
unsuspecting "contestants" figure it all out, and if they do, how will they

Tim Walsh is this season's "Joe Schmo." A resident of Washington, DC, Tim is
true to his Irish roots - a bartender with entrepreneurial aspirations to
open his own bar. He's athletic, witty, outgoing and an overall genuine guy.
Ingrid Wiese is our first ever "Jane Schmo." Also a resident of our nation's
capitol, Ingrid is the classic girl-next-door meets woman-of-the-world.
She's intelligent - with a dream of becoming the next Madeline Albright
someday - strong-willed, and thankfully, up for anything.

Tim and Ingrid believe they are participating in a new series entitled "Last
Chance for Love" and vying with other contestants for $100,000. "Last Chance
for Love" parodies elements from many of the romance/relationship shows
currently found on television ("The Bachelor/Bachelorette," "Average Joe,"
"For Love or Money," "Meet My Folks"), including over-the-top eviction
ceremonies, cutthroat competitions, and many shocking twists. 

Our two "Schmos" are again surrounded by stereotypical reality show
contestants - "The Bachelor & Bachelorette," "The Playah," "The Drunk," "The
Gotta-Be-Gay Guy," "The Heir," "The Moron," "The Bitch," "The Weeper," and
"The Stalker." Ralph Garman, who portrayed the smarmy host of the original
"Joe Schmo," returns this season in disguise as Derek Newcastle, a pompous
but randy British reality show host.

Like many reality shows on television, "Last Chance for Love" features
over-the-top competitions for cheesy rewards - either "one-on-one time with
the bachelor/bachelorette" eating strawberries out by the pool, a "hot tub
date" under the stars, or a "romantic dinner date" away from the other
competitive suitors. No reality show would be complete without shocking
revelations, and on "Last Chance for Love," these come in the form of
"Falcon Twists," where a falcon flies in to reveal surprise twists,
culminating with the host saying "The Falcon has spoken." Some of the
competitions include:

*     Strike A Pose - An endurance game where players must stay in
challenging, seductive, and uncomfortable positions for as long as possible.
Downward-facing-dog never burned so bad.

*     Professions Of Love - Contestants profess their love to "Mr. & Ms.
Right" by showcasing a special talent, performed beneath a
Romeo-and-Juliet-style balcony. 

*     Bound By Love -Contestants are chained together to learn a number of
dances to impress the bachelor and bachelorette.

As with most reality shows, there must be elimination ceremonies. "Last
Chance for Love" takes these to a whole new level of cheesiness. Our host
begins the proceedings with "'s why we're all here..." Then the
Bachelor or Bachelorette send away one of their romantic suitors, either via
a "Pearl Necklace" ceremony for the women or a "Flame of Love" ceremony for
the men. How will Tim and Ingrid act and react in this entire absurd
scenario? Viewers will have tune in to a new season of faux fun with "Joe
Schmo 2" this summer to find out.

In addition to it's weekly premiere on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM, ET/PT, "Joe
Schmo 2" episodes encore on Fridays (1:00-2:00 AM, ET/PT); Sundays
(9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT)); Mondays (11:05 PM - Midnight, ET/PT) immediately
following WWE live RAW telecast and Tuesdays (9:00 -10:00 PM, ET/PT).

On Tuesday, June 22, Paramount Home Entertainment releases "The Joe Schmo
Show: Season One Uncensored!," a 3-disc DVD box set with all 8 original
broadcast episodes from the first season, including over 7 hours of
entertainment, with special features that even Spike TV couldn't show. The
DVD box set contains uncensored special features including audio commentary
on the shocking season finale, by a series executive producer Rhett Reese
and Matt Kennedy Gould ("Joe Schmo"); five deleted scenes; extended cast
interviews; an extended and unblurred "Chocolate Sauce on Models" and "The
Making of the Meal" - The Gross Food Stunt competitions.

"Joe Schmo 2" was created by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who also serve as
writers and executive producers with David G. Stanley, Scott A. Stone and
Anthony Ross. The series is exclusively produced for Spike TV by Stone
Stanley Entertainment in association with Reese Wernick Productions. Peilin
Chou, Spike TV's Vice President of Original Series serves as the Executive
in Charge of Production.

Spike TV, the first network for men, is available in 87 million homes and is
a division of MTV Networks. MTV Networks owns and operates the cable
television programming services MTV: Music Television, MTV2,
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land, VH1, CMT: Country Music Television, and
Spike TV, as well as The Digital Suite from MTV Networks, a package of
thirteen digital services, all of which are trademarks of MTV Networks. MTV
Networks also operates and offers joint ventures, licensing agreements and
syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.

Joe Schmo Recaps (sorta) - here are my ramblings after each episode of Joe Schmo One ( I started writing about it about halfway through the run even though I was watchign it the whole time):

9/16/03  This show is re-run several times during the week I think - and its a blast so far.  "Joe" is the only guy in the house of this fake reality show that does not know that its all pretend and everyone else is an actor/actress.  Jerri from Survivor 2 is a guest this week.

9/17/03  I missed the 1st time because it was on at the same time as Big Brother - but I did catch the re-peat two hours later.  I still give this show a thumbs up, and I don't feel sorry for Matt (Joe Schmo) because he signed up for this gig even if he didn't know it was a fake reality show.  Tune in next week to see if the show falls apart since as the show ended poor Matt was having a break-down after the "Rudy" clone was kicked off the show.

10/07/03 Last week during the show I noticed they recorded this show in just 10 days.  Thats pretty amazing!!  Should be funny tonight as it looks like they do a food challenge and I suspect the food is not what they say it is - as in the gross stuff is actually tapioca pudding or some such thing. 

10/08/03 As I guessed the food they had to eat was fake, Matt (the only one not in on the fake show) was presented with what he was told was dog excriment (no kidding) - no he didn't eat it and yes it was fake.  it did make me kinda cringe though when they went that far.  But I have to remind myself that this is a FAKE reality show that is making fun of other reality shows.  Anyways I'll be tuning in again next Tuesday and I think this show only has a couple episodes left. 

10/15/03 The "final" show is in 2 weeks - they had 3 guys in the finals last night - Brian, Hutch and Matt (the only one NOT in on the joke).  Looked to me like there will be a three way tie and obviously they will have to do one more competition before they reveal to Matt that its all pretend (but I am sure he will still get the 100k).  They even played music from The Mole last night during a dinner scene - gotta love it!! 

11/01/03 Joe Schmo finished up last week - it was VERY good - loved the ending - Matt got the 100k and the post-show interview was very frank and honest in my opinion.  Hope they can pull off another of these!!



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