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Outback Jack (TBS)

Official Page

Pictures |Episode Recaps| Video | Cast | Press Release

7/25/04 Episode 5 Recap.  Adriene and Cortney were eliminated - Marissa returned at the very end of the episode.  Full Recap.

7/15/04 Episode 5 preview with a picture that reveals 3 of the women that make it to Perth.  Remember - Jack will eliminate one before they get on the plane next week

7/14/04 Episode 4 recap - Mary eliminated... and replaced by a new woman named Meri-de.

7/11/04 Finally my interview with Harmonie!!  Took me a while to get it transcribed - I split it up into two pages.  She discusses everything from Marissa to Mary and reveals if Mary is really who she seems to be on the show. Part One and Part Two.

Here are some 'little know facts" - things that happened during the taping of the show.  Link.

7/6/04 Marissa was voted "out" by the other girls but JD tells her that she was not kicked off the show - in the teaser for next week it looks like some of the previously voted off girls might have a chance to return.

7/1/04 Episode 3 preview and picture here.

6/30/04 Episode 2 Recap - Harmonie and Shannon eliminated -  here.

6/29/04 Episode 2 airs tonight.  it appears our "Jack" is not quite the "roughing it" kinda guy the show portrays according to this article from Australia where the show will not be shown until this fall.  According to the article Jack (Vadim Dale), "The former underwear model is originally from the very ritzy East Melbourne and currently lives in the even more exclusive beachside retreat of Melbourne's old money, Sorrento. And he went to school at Timbertop the very elite alma mater of Prince Charles."Full Story

6/24/04 Episode 2 preview and pictures here.

6/22/04 Eliminated - Summer, Jillian, and Laura - Natasha quit at the elimination.  Full recap, a new picture from next week and a 'teaser' for next weeks show soon.

6/18/04 New 30 second video clip (Real Player)


5/20/04 A 60 Second teaser video!!!  Click on any image below to download/play this 2.5 megabyte AVI clip.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not just post the link to the clip elsewhere - direct people to this page - otherwise I will have to remove it.  Thanks
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Older Pictures on this page (click)


Older Pictures on this page (click)

The Ladies: - based on the pictures above and the info on the "official" site - I think this is an accurate list of who's who (note - the official site now has the contestants faces showing - at the time I posted this it only showed their backs).

Age: 30
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. 

Currently attending University of Phoenix

Age: 24
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI. 

Graduated from University of Wisconsin with a Public Relations degree.

Age: 22
Hometown: Ottawa, IL.

Attended Northern Illinois.

Age: 23
Hometown: Ocala, FL
Age: 21
Hometown: Louisville, KY.

Attended Indiana University.

Age: 24
Hometown: Northfield, NJ.

Age: 26
Hometown: Titusville, FL.

Graduated from University of Central Florida with a degree in Business Administration.

Age: 26
Hometown: Syracuse
Age: 21
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL. 

Currently attending Flagler College.

Age: 23
Hometown: Orlando, FL.

Currently attending Florida State University (interior design).

Age: 24
Hometown: Miami, FL. 

Graduated from Florida Atlantic with a degree in Communications.

Age: 23
Hometown: Freehold, NJ.

Graduated from Berkeley College with an Accounting degree.

For Release:  April 22, 2004

TBS Heads Down Under for Wild New Reality Comedy Series OUTBACK JACK, Premiering in June.

Pampered City Women Give Up Heels and Handbags To Compete for Rugged Hero
in Series from Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks)

Twelve beautiful, high maintenance women are in for the shock of their  lives when they find out they must brave the brutally rugged Australian wilderness in order to win the man of their dreams in TBS's wild new reality comedy series OUTBACK JACK,  from Bruce Nash's Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks,

For Love or Money, Who Wants To Marry My Dad?).  The series, hosted by JD Roberto (Shop Til You Drop, Shark Chasers), is set to premiere Tuesdays in primetime, starting June 22. 

Vadim Dale is the leading man on TBS's wild new reality series OUTBACK JACK, in which 12 beautiful but high-maintenance women will vie for the affections of this rugged hero while enduring the harsh realities of Australia's unforgiving Outback wilderness.  OUTBACK JACK airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), beginning June 22, only on TBS. Photo courtesy of TBS. 
As OUTBACK JACK opens, 12 beautiful, sophisticated and pampered city women board a plane that will take them to meet the man of their dreams.  Little do they realize, however, that the only way to reach him is by taking a leap of faith, parachuting into the middle of Australia's expansive Outback wilderness.
Their hopes are dashed further when they land and see he's not living a life of luxury, but roughing it in one of the world's most unforgiving terrains.  Over the course of eight episodes, the women will have to decide if they can give up their make-up, designer shoes and all the comforts of home in order to win the affection of their handsome hero. 

"OUTBACK JACK is a hilarious and engaging reality series that will really appeal to our targeted young-adult audience and complement our other high-profile programming, including the recently acquired blockbuster comedy Sex and the City," said Steve Koonin, executive vice president and chief operating officer of TBS and TNT.  "And we're thrilled to have Bruce Nash on board for this project, lending his incredible talent at taking popular reality formulas to exciting new levels."

"We are thrilled to be working with TBS as we explore new directions to take reality programming," said Nash.  "We have been casting for this series since early this year to find the perfect hero of the Outback, as well as 12 very pampered women to vie for his affections. The fish-out-of-water comedy elements combined with romance and adventure are going to make for plenty of unexpected twists and turns.  It is going to be quite a ride for both the women competing and the viewers watching."

At only 28 years of age, OUTBACK JACK leading man Vadim Dale has already accomplished an amazing collection of feats.  The East Melbourne native has earned numerous titles and medals in swimming, judo, karate, grappling, football and horseback riding.  An accomplished mountain climber, he climbed 7,000 meters to the Mount Thurong peak.  In addition, he is a tri-athlete, an avid trail bike racer, white water rafter and skydiver.

Nash is one of the most creative and prolific producers in television. His company, Nash Entertainment, is responsible for some of the top-rated reality programs on television and is expanding into scripted series, with such recently announced projects as If the South Won the Civil War and The Real Thing, as well as several feature film projects in development.

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