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Playing It Straight - Link To Official Page

Episode Recaps | Images | Cast | Videos | Press Release

8/3/04  Thanks to everyone that wrote me telling me about the ending - as some noticed - the "Official Page" has been updated as well I guess...  this from Gry in Norway, "First Jackie sent home Chris, who was gay. Then she sent home Sharif, who was straight (I was surprised....)
And she choosed Banks, who was straight! Happy ending!"  thanks!!! 

7/21/04 "Bill was sent home in episode 6, and he was gay"   Thanks to Anne-Vibecke for the update!!!

7/20/04  Thank you to all who have written me - Playing it Straight is indeed airing in Norway  - i think the last episode airs next monday.

So here is who was what in episodes 4 & 5......

Episode 5 "Banks broke his arm armwrestling with Luciano. Jackie voted out Bradley and Luciano who both turned out to be gay."  (thanks Tonje from Norway)

Episode 4: John and Lee leave - and both turn out to be gay.

7//12/04  Not sure why this page is getting a lot of hits today - but I noticed it was.  I have no news on the show but perhaps it is getting air in Australia like Forever Eden is.  If you happen to be watching this show somewhere outside the USA - let me know and fill us in on the remaining episodes!! Contact Me

5/21/04 FOX Entertainment President Gail Berman said, "'Forever Eden' we don't anticipate returning to the schedule, nor do we anticipate bringing back 'Playing it Straight.'" The only good thing Berman said was, "We will certainly provide any viewer that needs the information with the information of the conclusion (of both shows)."

3/30/04 - Fox has pulled Playing It Straight from their schedule and say they will air the remaining shows (or the season in it's entirety) some time this summer. The show was scheduled for six episodes. The reason given for pulling it was poor ratings.  The funny thing is I was thinking that this show and Forever Eden might both be helped with the recent announcement that Forever Eden was moving to Fridays and would follow Playing It Straight.  I'll have posted my mini-recaps for the three episodes that did air below.

Articles about the removal of the show:

  • Fox shelves Playing It Straight
  • From the Washington Post, "What if you put on a reality series about a straight college-age girl trying to figure out which of 14 guys are straight and which are gay, but nobody cared? If you're Fox you'd yank the show and replace it with reruns of "Totally Outrageous Behavior" and "World's Craziest Videos." Fox says it will burn off the remaining episodes this summer. "
  • FOX No Longer 'Playing It Straight'

A bit late - but I have discovered my theory about the top and bottom row of pictures is most likely a fluke - I failed to notice the guys were simply in alphabetical order by first name (DOH!!)  not to mention that I recently came across info that would tend to show one of the guys in the top row is straight - or one of the guys in the bottom row is gay.
3/26/04 - I am wondering if Fox is showing us who is gay/straight - here is the "bio" page from the official site as of tonight (before Chad and Eddie were gone - I added the obvious comments).  Look where the eliminated Gay men and Straight men are listed.  Think maybe a lazy web design has revealed the sexual orientation of the guys?

Click To Enlarge

3/12/04 Article on Zap2it:Straight Talk on 'Playing it Straight'


Episode Recaps:  The last 4 episodes are just basically the results...  The show was cancelled here in the USA after 3 episodes - thanksfully others filled in the blanks for me.

Episode 1

3/12/04:  Not a good start for Jackie on Playing It StraightShe eliminated  2 straight guys (Gust and Louis).  I never saw the exact number of straight guys vs gay guys given - since there was 14 men to start I assumed that there was 7 straight and 7 gay guys - but I never saw that verified.

Episode 2

3/19/04: Ryan and Alex were eliminated - Ryan reveals he is straight, Alex said he was gay.  So far Jackie has eliminated 3 straight men and one gay man.  We have no clue if the ratio of straight to gay men is 50/50 or what (I was beginning to suspect there might be no gay mean and only a bunch of hetero guys with effiminate qualities).

Episode 3

3/26/04: The show opens with the revelation that Eddie decided to leave the show - it seems the goings that were shown last week was all too much for him.For those that missed it, Eddie was the subject of much of last weeks show as Ryan decided that Eddie was gay and proceeded to try to "out" him.  What ended up happening was Eddie apparently hitting on Ryan (at least it seemed that way to me) - a fact Eddie denied.  BUT - as the hostess asks everyone what they thought Eddie was (Straight or Gay) - she reveals he was indeed Gay.  After a camp-out  where Bradly talked of winning a million (oops Bradly - only the gay guys would win a milion - you meant HALF a million) - and lots of speculating - Jackie eliminates Chad - and her guess was right - he is gay.  So now Jackie has eliminated 3 straight guys and 3 gay guys.  It is implied that Chris is thought to be Gay by everyone and that Jackie is just keeping him around - Jackie says she would have eliminated Bradly if Eddie had not already left.

Episode 4

John and Lee leave - and both turn out to be gay.

Episode 5

"Banks broke his arm armwrestling with Luciano. Jackie voted out Bradley and Luciano who both turned out to be gay.  The ones left standing are Banks, Sharif, Chris and Bill. The preview of the next episode hints that Chris tells Jackie that Bill is the only gay man left. "  Thanks to Tonje from Norway for this info!!!

Episode 6

"Bill was sent home in episode 6, and he was gay" Thanks to Anne-Vibecke for the update!!!

EPISODE 7 - Final Episode

"It was a two hour episode where Jackie went on dates with all three of the
guys, then she got video messages from the guys that had been sent home all
telling her who they thought were gay. 

In the end, they all gathered in the barn, but Jackie decided that she
wanted to talk to them one by one. Chris was first. It turned out - HE WAS
GAY! He had been on the show to be sort of a Robin Hood and said that if he
had won, he would have given the money to Jackie. 

Then Banks came. Jackie told him that she felt something for him.. but...
But in the end she told him that he was the one, but he did not say whether
he was gay or straight, because he was supposed to tell her at the stairs
where they first met! Before he left, he kissed her hand just like all the
gay guys had done when they told her they were gay!

Then Sharif came. Jackie cried a lot, and told him that she thought music
was his passion and she would just be in his way! He was pretty upset, and
told her he was straight. 

In the end, Jackie and Banks met at the stairs - and he was as "straight as
she was beautiful" as he put it himself. It was pretty romantic!!!" Thanks to Anette 
from Norway!!

Press Release:

Thursday, March 4, 2004 


Can You Tell Who Is Gay And Who Is Straight?

A football fanatic who loves shopping.  A self-confessed slob obsessed with styling hair.  A muscle car collector whose favorite musical artist is Cher.  A cigar-smoking sports addict who makes a mean cheesecake.  A triathlete who enjoys sushi and Feng Shui.  Fourteen men – some straight males looking for love, some gay men looking to win, and all trying to guess who is PLAYING IT STRAIGHT, premiering Friday, March 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Hosted by Daphne Brogdon (“The X Show”), the series follows single gal Jackie, a college student from Appleton, WI., as she embarks on a dating adventure at the Sizzling Saddles Ranch in Elko, NV.  Jackie has traded in her book bag and No. 2 pencils for a cowboy hat and lasso with the hope of roping in the man of her dreams.  But this cowgirl must determine which side of the saddle these guys ride on.

This one-hour unscripted series may have a twist, but the rules are simple: if a straight guy is the last man standing, the couple splits the money.  However, if a gay guy fools his way to the finish line, he leaves $1 million richer.  With serious cash up for grabs, first impressions have never been more important.

The 14 men of PLAYING IT STRAIGHT are:

Alex - Law student, Washington, DC.
Banks - Software consultant, San Diego, CA.
Bill - Event promoter, Valley Glen, CA.
Bradley - Bartender, Pflugerville, PA.
Chad - Corporate communications, Austin, TX.
Chris - Retired entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA.
Eddie - School teacher, Miami, FL.
Gust - Real estate agent, Chicago, IL.
John - Bartender, Atlanta, GA.
Lee - Financial consultant, N. Huntington, PA.
Louis - Mgr., brokerage firm, Forth Worth, TX.
Luciano - Personal trainer, Miami Beach, FL.
Ryan – Waiter, Santa Monica, CA.
Sharif - Musician, Arlington, VA.

These guys will vie for Jackie’s affections by participating in group activities and one-on-one dates that will simultaneously tempt her heart and test her “gaydar.” 

Some will come out with nothing, some will come out of the closet, but only one will come out victorious.  As for Jackie, she will either leave with love, money or her “gaydar” in need of serious repair.

Jeremy Mills and Ciara Byrne are executive producers of PLAYING IT STRAIGHT, which is a Lion Television production.


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