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WB's Superstar USA
Official page

About the show: A sort of "spoof" on American Idol - the folks will be 'bad' but the people making the show will pretend they are good.  Here is a great story on the show which will began May 17th, 2004 and ran seven episodes. Original Casting Page

6/17/04  "On June 8th, KOCH Records released the soundtrack to The WB's Superstar USA as a 2-Disc set which includes a CD featuring 12 hit songs performed by the show's participants, PLUS a bonus DVD with hilarious footage from the show. Four of the songs on the soundtrack are performed by winner Jamie Foss."
  Wb's Superstar Usa CD on Amazon
Heres what's on the CD:
  • Jaimie - "Fallin" - 30 Second Clip
  • Mario - "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" - 30 Second Clip
  • Rosa - "Bootylicious" - 30 Second Clip
  • Jamie & Mario - "I've Had the Time of My Life"  - 30 Second Clip
  • Nina - "Roxanne"  - 30 Second Clip
  • Tamara - "Unbreak My Heart"
  • Jamie - "My Heart Will Go On"
  • Omar - "Endless Love"
  • Rosa - "Wind Beneath My Wings" 
  • Jamie - "All By Myself" 
  • Rosa - "Genie in a Bottle"
  • Jo Jo - "Crazy in Love"

6/14/04Jamie Foss wins WB Superstar - she took it well - and to be honest - they sugar-coated it - but oh well :)  Jamie won a $50,000 recording contract of some type - and another $50,000 - Mario placed second and won $10,000 - he was not upset either - he said it let him come out of his shell.  Rosa won $5,000 and asked for a smaller check because the huge check they gave her was too big (physically - lol) - she was also ok with finding oput she was 'bad.'
WB's Superstar
2nd Place
3rd Place
Jamie - won $100,000
Mario - Won $10,000
Rosa - Won $5,000
6/8/04 Jo Jo was eliminated last night (sniff) - I'll miss him - I really thought he would stay since he brings so much personality to the show.  I can only guess that they felt he would not believe how bad the others were when he heard them so they needed to dump him fast.  Jamie seemed to actually know the words to her song this time - I am going to review the tape for any hint of handwriting.

6/2/04 Ok here it is - the highlight (in my opinion) of Monday's show.  Here you can see the writing on Jamie's hand - and Briggs back as he appears to concentrate on her singing since he can't when he is watching her, claiming he is distracted by her other assets....


5/31/04 - Episode Five: The contestants sang songs from movies.  Who was eliminated tonight?  John Michael, Nina Diva, Tamara and Omar.  I will put up another picture of Jamie soon, this time you can see the writing on her hand :)  Next week the remaining four contestants perform in front of a live audience with dancers who must have worked hard to keep from breaking up.

5/25/04 - My highlight from week two (Episodes Three and Four): Jamie writes the song lyrics on her hands it seems.....
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Jamie Foss
Age: 20
Erskine, MN
Fact: Thinks Avril Lavigne is annoying.
Age: 22
Mexico City
Fact: Thinks J-Lo is the worst singer in America.
Age: 26
Newport News, VA
Fact: Collects Powerpuff Girl comic Books.
Eliminated In Round Three (6/7)
Jo Jo
Age: 21
Cannon Falls, MN
Fact: Sells women's shoes.
Eliminated In Round Two (5/31)
Nina "Diva"
Age: 31
Denver, CO
Fact: Self proclaimed "Asian American Rock Pop Babe."
John Michael
Age: 29
Omaha, NE
Fact: He really really hates rap.
Age: 22
Pennsgrove, NJ
Fact: Her voice makes people feel happy.
Age: 28
North Philly, PA
Fact: He collects rocks.
Eliminated In Round One (5/25)
Age: 32
San Diego, CA
Fact: Skilled at the art of belly dancing.
Age: 18
Edison, NJ
Fact: Thinks Prince is the worst singer in America.
Age: 22
Honolulu, HI
Fact: He collects Winnie the Pooh memorabilia.
Ash  (Anglo Assasin)
Age: 20
Sacramento, CA
Fact: Calls himself the "Anglo Assasin".

The Host & Judges.......

Host: Brian McFayden
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