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The Ultimate Love Test
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7/22/04 Thanks to storms in my area I only got to see about the last 10 minutes of the finale.  Easy to sum up it seems since thats where everything was being wrapped up.

Heather and Frank.....  As I guessed these two are still a couple - being as I have been getting weekly e-mails from their band's website I assumed they were most likely still dating.  I assume they got the $100k.

Amber and Diego..... Looks like these two worked things out as well - they were still together 5 months after the show was taped.  I assume they got the $100k as well.

Jayre and Carolyn.... only Jayre was on the "follow-up" - he and Carolyn broke up shortly after he returned.  If Carolyn was interviewed I never saw it due to my screwed up station.

Brandon and Kenesha... Brandon pretty much said (well he did say) he realized he can't be in a commited relationship at this point - he has come to the conclusion that for now he is a "player."  Kenesha seemed to be doing well on her own as well.

7/15/04  Sorry I have been a bit out of the loop with this show - you can blame it on Big Brother starting!!!  I did watch part of last nights show and this is where things stand.... the only two couples left are Frank/Heather and Amber/Diego.  Next week they will get back together and decide if they will stay together.  I will try to do a full-recap of the last two episodes this weekend - just haven't had much time since Big Brother has started.

6/30/04  No "major" news from last nights episode - I will have a recap up tommorow!!  Next week one couple quits the show and forfets the money.

6/23/04 Episode four - Recap Here.

6/18/04 Brooke has contacted me and she has a website - you can check it out for yourself at

6/17/04 Episode three - Recap Here.

6/10/04  Episode two was last night - it appears to me that this is how things are headed..... 

Heather and Frank.....  Frank comes across as getting ticked off about everything - even minor stuff - Heather has been pretty darn well behaved all things considered and it looks to me like he is a lucky guy to have her.  I am betting they stay together in the end though there will be a few more bumps in the road.

Amber and Diego..... This one is a bit tougher, Amber is seeing a guy in Ron that brings some things to the table that Diego doesn't - but once again I think in the end they will stay together.

Jayre and Carolyn.... Seems things were pretty rocky before he left - NBC might be playing this to appear things will go badly - so far Jayre has behaved and simply enjoyed the company of the various ladies - Carolyn is getting mad but unless things change he hasn't done anything that crosses any lines - except perhaps run on at the mouth a bit.

Brandon and Kenesha... Its over - unless Kenesha is a glutton for punishment Brandon is toast.  He pretty much says as much on his own website.  He also give a good word of advice - if you are on a reality show - don't get drunk!!!

And speaking of Brandon and his website ( he did not dissapoint!!!  He has written a couple of excellent summaries - he can't get into too much detail on this show but I really appreciate the stories he has told about his experience on Big Brother 4 (thanks!!).  I'll say this much - he might have been more entertaining than Jee (who was his replacement on BB4). 

6/6/04 A small article on Heather here.

6/3/04 - Added links to Amber's home page, Heather and Frank's band's home page, and CR's (Heather's 'ex') homepage.

6/2/04 So is it Temptation Island with only one partner being tempted and a 100k carrot on a stick??  The show premires tonight and already "Brandon" says he will come across as the bad boy.  Here are some thoughts from Brandon posted on his site

(Brandon is re-writing his comments so I removed them - he said he should have something new up soon!!)

Would you allow your significant other to date someone else for 3 weeks for $100,000? 
This compelling new reality series follows four couples on the most dramatic, emotional journey of their lives.   After years of dating, each couple has found themselves at a crossroads in their relationship.  They’re fully committed, but  a hint of doubt still lingers…is this the right person?   Are they ready for marriage?   Is love enough? 
“The Ultimate Love Test” gives each couple the opportunity to test their love and find answers to these difficult questions.  After agreeing to take "the test," the couples are separated.  One of them stays home while the other is sent to a spectacular resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they are met by a person (or people) who represents everything they feel is lacking in their current partner.  When faced with this option, will they choose to return to the one they love, or to pursue another dream?  It is the ultimate test of real vs. ideal, and the results are life-changing.  “The Ultimate Love Test” is produced by Renegade 83 in association with Assisted Reality. David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Clay Newbill are executive producers. 

In the premiere episode we meet:

Heather (27) & Frank (33) from Los Angeles, CA, are in a band together and have been dating for almost two years. Frank is terrified of commitment and still lives at home with his parents.  Heather is truly in love with Frank and wants him to open his eyes and make a commitment. Heather is sent to Cabo and is reunited with her ex-boyfriend, C.R., who is still in love with her and is ready for a commitment.

Heather and Frank's band Ballentine's official site

"CR's" official page.

Brandon (28) & Kenesha (24) from Newport, CA, have been dating for three years and were previously engaged to one another.  Brandon has been unfaithful in the past and Kenesha wants to test whether or not Brandon can prove that he can be faithful. Brandon is sent to Cabo and meets Brooke, a beautiful blonde woman whom he met once before and already has a ‘crush’ on.

This is the same "Brandon" that was kicked off Big Brother 4 before it began in the summer of 2004.  He has also appeared in one other 'reality' show on FX about cars (Driveshaft).  He claims on his site that he was recruited/approached for all three roles and never applied.  Brando's home page is located here:

Brooke Barlow has her own website as well -

Jayre (26) and Carolyn (26) from New York, NY, have been dating for three and one half years.  Carolyn is pushy and has trust issues with Jayre. Jayre has never proven to be dishonest, but is unsure about making a full commitment to Carolyn if she can’t trust him. Jayre is sent to Cabo and meets three fantasy women, Eva, Teneisha & Amanda who fill Jayre’s desire to be with a variety of women.

Amber (24) and Diego (24) from Burlington, Vermont, have been dating for two years.  Amber is an artist and wants to travel and be adventurous, while Diego likes the safety of home.  He is content with life in a small town.  Amber feels trapped in a small town with none of the options of living in a big city.  She wants to explore other opportunities in the world. Amber is sent to Cabo and introduced to Roy, a handsome doctor who is well traveled and can show her all that she is missing. 

Amber has her own website - here is a link to it:

Each couple is told they will not be able to communicate with their partners during the trip.  Meanwhile, the spouses left at home are sent video messages of what their partner is up to in Cabo. They are left to ponder the strength of their relationships and whether or not it is worth the $100,000 to test their love.

How do you know if your partner is really THE one? Can their relationships withstand the test of time?

"The Ultimate Love Test” is produced by Renegade 83 in association with Assisted Reality. David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Clay Newbill are executive producers.

This site is not affiliated with the show



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