Virus Myths & Truths....

Almost Every day I get e-mail and phone calls from friends asking about a message they received and if it is indeed a virus or a hoax.  I used to be able to say 100% of the time that it was a hoax, unfortunalty now that is not always the case, but its still usually true 96% of the time.

     What I hope to provide here are just some simple links to resources, I am not going to try to explain everything here, I just don't have time and things change.  But I will share the resources I personally use to keep up on the latest virus scares and links that I find myself looking up time and time again when I get an e-mail from a friend asking if the e-mail they just received about a virus is true.

So here goes, I will try to break it down into a few catagories and you can go directly to the one you want to read about:
  • Actual Virus info -  ok, you are SURE you have a virus and want information on it, check for links here.
  • Virus & E-mail hoax links - this will be a list of useful resources when you want to know if an e-mail about a virus is for real or not.
  • Virus programs - go here if you want to look into getting virus software, yes everyone really needs it but there are still a few FREE options out there.

Computer Virus information links:

Virus & E-mail hoax links: Go to any of these sites and look for the text of the e-mail you have, chances are they have an identical e-mail listed somewhere explaining if its a hoax or for real and why.

Anti-Virus Software:

For now see Computer Virus information links - there are other sites and I will add them here in the near future.

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