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OS Versions
Click for - CU-Seeme (1-to-1 and 1-to-many)
Windows, Mac, Linux
Click here for Paltalk (1-to-1 and 1-to-man)
Click here for Netmeeting (1-to-1 only)
Windows, Linux (Compatible software for Mac available)
OTHER Videoconferencing Programs (iVisit, iSpQ, ICUII)
Windows, Mac
* Free but no live video in rooms with free version (only on 1-to-1 connections) Also Pop-up ads with free version.
** Windows & Linux versions are free, Mac version is from a 3rd party and is not.
*** iVisit is free, the others cost $ but have free trial periods.

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Welcome to those of you checking out CU-Seeme links - I will not guarantee all links will work - but I do check them from time to time. There are tons & tons of pages dedicated to Cu-SeeMe - This page is not one of the best - nor one of the worst (I hope) - What it is is a selection of locations I have found useful - except the Mac links - those I put up to avoid harassment ;)

Soooo.....  The "Official" version of CU is up to 6 now, and I can't even try it out because they want everyone to PAY.  Well forget that!!!  For those with the bandwidth and ability, please look at installing one of the free Reflectors Programs listed below and then advertising on one or all of the Reflector Scanners.   Otherwise pages like this will become useless soon.  This is one of the only FREE, NO ADVERTISING options out there that I know of.  You can control your own reflector, you can keep out the idiots and you can do it all at no cost with a little effort.

Other CuSeeMePages - Here are a few links to pages that I have found myself going back to over & over again.

Reflector Lists

CU Client & Reflector files - here are links to all the things you need to get started.

    Reflectors.... CU Utilities/Add-on's
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Paltalk info:

So what it Paltalk??  Paltalk is another videoconferencing program that has been around for a few years.  I discovered it back in 2001 when I went to re-visit another program I helped beta test called "Firetalk."  It seems the folks at Paltalk bought the rights to the program (News Story Here) and combined it with their video program to create an all-in-one video audio program much like Cu-Seeme.   The main difference is that there is only one centralized server, you can't set up your own "reflector" you have to go through theirs.  From there you can however set up your own room, but most people join one of the pre-existing rooms.  Another difference is that you can only see a maximum of 6 videos at once, although I have only used the version that allowed a maximum of three.

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Netmeeting info:

Other Videoconferencing programs info:

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